S'mores and Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Variety Pack and Cookie Butter Bars
Variety Starter Kit
Variety Starter Kit
Includes: 32 caffeinated snack bars ($1.08 / bar)
🔥 Limited Time! Free Shipping + Mystery Gift!
Variety Starter Kit
🏕️ 8 S’mores 🍌 8 Chocolate Chip Banana Bread 🧈 16 Cookie Butter
As much caffeine as an espresso in a plant-based bar, made by our in-house Chef to taste just like the flavor it was inspired by. First time subscribers only.
What others are saying

"These verb energy bars are amazing! Not only are they plant-based, organic, etc. They TASTE great! One of these gives me enough focused energy to get through my work day! I will definitely buy more."

- Alex

"For years I struggled to find a good source of energy that was easy to consume, affordable and didn't make me jittery or keep me up at night. Verb has it all, and can power me through my longest days."

- Kyle

"I can’t stop talking about Verb bars to all of my friends. The flavors are unreal! I love adding them into my morning and look forward to them each day."

- Sherry

Why does energy need to be...
When energy can be...
vegan, made with organic green tea, gluten-free, less than 110 calories, ready to unwrap anytime anywhere, and only $1.81 per bar
Great energy within reach whenever, wherever.
Snack Bar on Laptop
Back-to-back-to-back zoom calls.
Person Tying Shoe w/ Snack Bar
Training for the Fun Run or the marathon.
Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Snack Bar on Cooling Tray
When you snoozed your alarm one too many times.
Peanut Butter Cookie Snack Bar in Pocket
We've all seen that coffee shop line at the airport.
You've never had energy like this before.
Hi, we’re Verb. 👋

Everyone wants better energy for the things they need to do, and the things they want to do. Maybe that’s early morning wakeups with young kids, back-to-back meetings or your weekend outdoor adventure.

Too often we are caught tired and hangry and end up reaching for unhealthy options, or lining up for expensive lattes.

Back in 2016, Verb’s co-founder Matt was in just that situation, and after spending $7 on a coffee and sugary snack, knew there had to be a better way.

From there, Verb was born. 🌱

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