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variety mega pack pouch with sample flavors
s'mores and peanut butter cookie bars with s'mores and cookies
Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, S'mores, Cookie Butter
cinnamon roll bars with cinnamon rolls
Cinnamon Roll Snack Bar
variety mega pack pouch with sample flavors
Variety Megapack
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4660 Reviews
Includes: 6 Cinnamon Roll, 6 S'mores, 6 Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, 6 Cookie Butter, 6 Peanut Butter Cookie
Variety Megapack
A variety of bestselling flavors including S'mores, Cinnamon Roll, & Cookie Butter.
As much caffeine as an espresso in a plant-based bar, made by our in-house Chef to taste just like the flavor it was inspired by. Try five of our bestselling flavors in this limited edition pack.

"This is how I survive... literally. Whether you're on the go with your kids or need a pick-me-up and don't want to crash, Verb is the best."

Shawn Johnson East
Shawn Johnson East
3,500+ 5-star reviews
Join thousands of 
people energizing with Verb!

for the mom on the move

"I am a mom with 6 kids and need to have the most energy I can in order to take on the day. These Verb Bars 
help accomplish that. I have one in the morning and one around lunch and it just gets me going."

Katie S.

for the afternoon napper

"These little energy bars are amazing.
A nice sweet afternoon snack, a boost of energy for that afternoon 'wanna take a nap' time, Gluten Free, and Vegan."


for no more coffee jitters

"Instead of taking a drink that gets me jittery...this is my go to bar without any jittery feeling. I love it! I hate to share with anyone...yes I'm being selfish with these bars. HAHA. Go get your own!"

Katie K.

for your sugar cravings

"You need these energy bars in your life!!! They provide just enough energy to stay awake and focused in the afternoon. I also like to have one if I’m craving something sweet. The verb bar is all I need to take the craving away."

Us vs. Them
Us vs. Them
unwrapping chocolate chip banana bread bar
Great energy within reach whenever, wherever.
Snack Bar on Laptop
Back-to-back-to-back zoom calls.
Person Tying Shoe w/ Snack Bar
Training for the Fun Run or the marathon.
Snack Bar in Hand
When you snoozed your alarm one too many times.
S'mores Snack Bar in Pocket
We've all seen that coffee shop line at the airport.
You've never had energy like this before.
Hi, we’re Verb. 👋

Everyone wants better energy for the things they need to do, and the things they want to do. Maybe that’s early morning wakeups with young kids, back-to-back meetings or your weekend outdoor adventure.

Too often we are caught tired and hangry and end up reaching for unhealthy options, or lining up for expensive lattes.

After spending $7 on a coffee & sugary snack, Verb's co-founder Matt knew there had to be a better way to get energy that was healthy, delicious, and would make him feel great.

From there, Verb was born. 🌻
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