Caffeinated Snack Bars
Caffeinated Snack Bars
Includes: 12 Double Chocolate Bars
Green Tea Caffeine
green circle with leaf
Vegan & Gluten-free
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Double Chocolate
Like a double fudge brownie, with extra crunch from cacao nibs.
What others are saying

"I swear these bars have been a lifesaver for me for beating my afternoon sleepies at work! They’re absolutely DELICIOUS and come in so many great flavors. I eat one around 3pm and am set for the rest of the day! No more yawns and tiredness at work! They’re also amazing for a pre workout snack!"

- Ryann

"I’ve seen these all over Instagram and all the influencers are raving about them so I kinda dismissed them due to so much hype. However, I caved, in a moment of weakness and hunger and I am so glad I did! These far exceeded my expectations and then some. I shared them at work and everyone raved all about them. I never leave reviews but I’m telling ya, it’s worth it! No jitters and amazing taste! Winner winner!"

- LivinIdaho

"These bars are INSANELY good. Perfect for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon pick me up and gives my sweet tooth a fix. As an athlete, I looked for snacks that are light on my stomach but still sufficiently fuel me for my active lifestyle and, let me tell you, this is THAT snack. Do yourself a favor and buy these bars. My personal favs are red velvet and cinnamon roll!"

- Olivia

Verb Energy Co-Founders
Energy by real people, for real people.
On a Fall day in 2016, our co-founder Matt walked out of a coffee shop with a coffee & a granola bar. It cost him $6, 25 minutes and a sugar crash. Matt & his friends Bennett & André believed there could be a better way to energize, without compromising on taste or convenience, and Verb was born.

 We believe energy creates better outcomes, and that energy shouldn't be a luxury. Simply text us for more, and you'll hear from a real person. You can even text us photos of your dog (please do).

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